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Easy Book Binding - Results

Here are some books bound with my method. I resized and compressed the pictures to make the page as light as possible. The entire page is about 200 Kb which is a good compromise - if you are on Cable/DSL it should load in few seconds, if you are on 56k it may take even a couple of minutes. I assure you it is well worth the wait. :-)

These are 4 books - the book named "e-book" is bound by me, the other three  books are book bound by some clients who kindly sent me a copy of their creations. I blurred the covers because I do not have the permission to use them on this website (I asked for it and I am waiting for a response).

I selected these books because they are different in size and created with different purposes in mind, with a different selection of materials. This also demonstrates the great flexibility of my method!

Also please note that these results are indicative, the final result is up to you. You will decide actually how good your book will be, and the decision should be made depending on the final use. So you can choose to do better or even worse.

The first blank book is a technical book for internal use , for a small company. For this reason it only has a small writing on the side and nothing more. It's half-letter size.

The book with the grey cover with the label "e-book" is an e-book I downloaded from internet , which I printed and bound. Since it's for personal use I used a very light cardboard for cover ($0.50 per sheet, from which I can cut out about 7 covers) and very cheap copier paper for the interior pages.

The third book (from the left) is a booklet a client sent me some time ago - it's a poetry booklet.

The black book is a novel another client sent me - pretty big and of unusual size but definitely a great job here!

Let's see some details.

This is the "e-Book" opened flat.

Let's torture it a bit..

This is the black book. Please notice how strong the binding is : the pages near the spine do not even move!

The spine of the black book. Notice how it is perfectly squared and resistant. Great job, M.! :-)

Again, very nice job. You can do this too - it is easy!

The e-book positioned flat on the table. See how nicely squared the spine is? And remember that this book is actually among the cheapest I ever made and I spent about a minute making it!

All the books positioned flat on the table (Sorry again for the blur)...


...and the same books after the "torture". Seems that they handled it pretty well! :-)

Notice how the binding resisted anything. I opened the books, teared the pages, positioned them flat on the table and the binding is still strong and the pages nicely squared. Also, these books are not exactly new - the e-book is a couple of months old, the technical book was sent me about 15 days ago and the other two books are at least six months old (maybe even older, I don't remember exactly the date).

Let's just say that some commercial books may not show this kind of resistance, believe me!

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