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“You Might Have Your Own Book In Your Hands...

In Less Than A Minute !"

Author Demonstrates How Anyone* Equipped With Just A Computer And A Standard, Cheap Printer Can Create His/Her Own Trade Paperback Books At Home For Few Cents Each!"

    *(Yes, that includes You!)

Just Print Your Manuscript Out, Follow The 6-Step Easy Bookbinding Method
And In Under A Minute...

Enjoy Your Own Book!

(...even if you don't even know how to load paper in your printer. Yes, it's THAT easy!)

100% Guaranteed!
Your Book Will Be Indistinguishable From The Books You Can Find In A Bookstore..

YES! That includes the laminated Cover
(or Hardcover...if want to be fancy)

In Just 6 Easy Steps!

(P.S. ...And Using 100% FREE Software!)

(PP.SS. ... Of course it also works wonderfully for comics, portfolios and basically anything with straight edge!)

Learn How To Bind Your Own Books - Even Hardcover Books Or Notebooks!
Amazing Results In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

This is not the usual, tedious bookbinding process unsuitable for mass production!
(ie. +100 books)
NO SEWING or STICHING or long and complex procedures!

We are talking about BIG batches of books!

Save THOUSANDS of $$$ In Printing Costs Compared To A Traditional Digital Publisher... ...Enjoying The Same or BETTER Results!


From the desk of Nathan DeStephano
Today is

Dear Friend,

Believe it or not, but in the next 2 minutes you will discover the secrets that will enable you to do - easily, cheaply and on your own - something that usually requires a lot of money and professional expertise.

How good would it be if you were able to feel in your hands you very own trade paperback book? Imagine the perfect binding, the smooth laminated color cover, your photo with a short biography on the back and that sense of satisfaction and self-accomplishment that you feel every time your dreams come true.

I don't know how good you would feel by feeling in your hands your very own paperback book...

...and in less than a minute!

As you read this words on your computer monitor, nestled in your own chair and imagining your very own book, with your customized cover and you own name on it.. 

Isn't that a great feeling to enjoy?

I surely enjoy it, every time... because I have a secret which I am going to share with you. 

Something that really boosts that sense of satisfaction and self-accomplishment that you feel every time you reach your goals.

Let's face it.. writing a book is a delight. It's fun! The feeling of l your thoughts flowing into the pages, the rush of creativity across your entire body...

But when it comes to the practicalities of writing, namely the brick-and-mortar process of physically publishing the book.. that's another story. 

You either have to shell out thousands of dollars of your own money and pay a digital publishing company to self-publish your book, or tediously make your own books at the rate of one book per week, considering how complicated the process is.

...well, was.

Imagine how good it would be if you could publish you own book in the comfort of your own home, without resorting to a "traditional" or "digital" publisher and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars... and without knowing ANYTHING about printing, paper sizes, ink and so on.

And what if I told you that you would be able to market it in major bookstores and on websites like Amazon.com as well?

The feeling of accomplishment knowing that once your manuscript is ready, you could publish it in a nice paperback book immediately without delays is indescribable!

How much would it be worth to you if you could do that infinite times, whenever you want, as much as you want, totally on demand in the comfort of your own home?

Very few people believe the words coming out of my mouth when I passionately tell them the above is possible, but when they finally get around to "trying out" the easy step-by-step method I show them, they are THRILLED with the results!

Let me ask you a question.. Can You Play With Lego? If  yes, congratulations! You could be enjoying your very own paperback book right now - or better still, someone else could be enjoying your very own paperback book right now - because it's that simple! 

Perhaps you are not a "writer" and you are wondering how you could use this information. Well, photographers, students, eBooks enthusiasts, amateur writers and many others are using my techniques everyday to make their life simpler.

Perhaps you just downloaded an e-Book from internet and you hate reading it on the screen and would find yourself more comfortable having it on paper.

Or perhaps you have a portfolio to show around and want to make a special impression... but don't have the budget to have it printed professionally. 

I know that creating a book is considered a long, tedious, even impossible task. But with my very own, proven and tested method it becomes literally routine. You will breeze through the entire process!

Are You Ready To Become Your Own Publisher?

"My First Book Was Ready The Very Same Day!"

“Nathan, I'm ECSTATIC!  My  first  book was ready the very same day! To keep the long story short... I had this sci-fi novel  - "Robomantics" - sitting on my hard disk since last year. My dream was not only to see it actually published, but at a decent, affordable and realistic  price.. I mean, who's gonna pay $25 for an independently-published paperback when  you  can find tons and tons of cheap bestsellers for half or even 1/3 of that price?! A friend of mine sent me a link to your website.. and the rest is history.  Absolute love it.  [...] As per your request, yes, I can send some photos. Sorry if they are a big underexposed. The cover was made by me in GIMP. The robot is a stock photo. I am going to publish a first batch and send them to Amazon. Let's see how it goes. Wish me good luck!"

Adam Beighley


(More photos available in the results page!
Congratulations to Adam!- Nathan)

Some quick facts:

Average Binding Time Per Book = Under A Minute
NO Sewing!
NO Tape!
NO Hot Glue!
NO Spine Roughening!

Just a Simple 6-Step Method That Works!

Average Cost Per Book:
(Regardless Of Quantity, Make One or 1000!)
About $0.50*
(* Estimated price for a 200 pages book with a laminated cover)

You don’t have to be necessarily a “writer” to take advantage of this information either! Read on to discover all the possibilities!

And click HERE to see some books created with my method!

Just read the following unsolicited testimonial. Look at the picture as well. It shows only one mere fraction of the myriads of possible applications.. as you will see.

"One Of The Most Valuable Investments Ever."

“I succesfully downloaded your book about one week ago. A great package, without any doubt. Personally I am not into writing. I am an artist... well, to tell the truth, I am still studying to become one. I love the human form and would like to paint. Of course, budget is an issue and I was relieved when I discovered that the books by Andrew Loomis, one of the most respected and quoted artists and author of educational art books are in the public domain. Problem: they are freely available in digital format, which is not exactly practical for my purposes. They are also available in printed form, but at an outrageous price. Thanks to your course I was able to print and bind the books exactly how I wanted. They are in A4, by the way. Your book is one of the most valuable investments ever. I would say that I have saved at least $300."

Samuel Holden

Oh, I almost forgot.

My name is Nathan DeStephano and I am a writer, in case you were wondering. What I am going to tell is going to amaze you.

I have dedicated my entire life to writing. 
My biggest dream was to see my books published. Nothing else.

At first I thought that it was going to be easy. After all, look at all the books around. There seemed to be plenty of space for everyone and, frankly, I knew I could fare very well. 

Well, I was wrong.

As I discovered by bonking my head against harsh reality, it's not easy to be a writer. A published one, at least. The reasons are manifold - being "not good at writing" the last of them, believe me. 

The market, printing costs, the competition and a lot of other factors make the difference between a published author and an author.

You know how it works. You may as well be the next J. K. Rowling or Stephen King, but if your manuscripts continue to be rejected, who's going to know? Those two authors have been rejected tons of times. Eventually they snatched a publishing contract, but how many can say the same?

What are you going to do? 

Surely, you could start a blog or publish your writing online. You could publish for the Kindle. But it's not the same thing. Nothing beats the fascination of having your own book printed on paper. Paper is here to stay.

At a breaking point in my life, I decided that something had to be done. Complaining doesn't take you anywhere. Nor being inactive.

I wanted to be published, and self-publishing actually seemed a feasible option: however, I quickly had to backtrack  when I saw the current market prices of digital publishers. I couldn't afford to pay thousands of dollars to publish my book. That was the simple truth.

The problem wasn't only economical, but also logical: I would have been forced to sell my book for at least $10 just to cover the costs. Who would purchase a self-published book at that price?

I am sure that J.K. Rowling could sell a recipe book for even $50 if she were so inclined. But an unknown Joe like me had no chance! Simply put, there are too many variables involved.

You are probably familiar with this yourself, and perhaps the more you read my words the more you actually realize their inherent truth. I spent days and months trying to figure out a way to get published—or at least self- publish without ruining my finances.

As you may know, today you have basically just three options available if you wish to see your book printed :

  • Offset Publishing  

    Just print 1000 copies (which is the minimum amount of copies required; sometimes is more) and hand to the printing company about $10,000.

  • Digital Publishing  

    It's cheaper than offset printing thanks to a more optimized workflow, but expensive anyway. Setup fees can set you back of even $1000. Cost per copy is seldom under $3, a minimum order is usually at least 50 or 100 copies, color pages are always charged extra , and so on. Perhaps you are not going to spend $10,000, but be prepared to pay at least $3,000 for a first batch of books, depending on your requirements. This is a sum that many can't afford or won't spend anyway.

  • Self-Publishing

    That is, you get the equipment and produce your books yourself. You need a bookbinding machine. Assuming that you don't have the $5,000-50,000 (!) required to purchase an entirely automated system, you probably would invest in a manual bookbinding machine; you simply need to print the pages nd the covers by yourself and then bind them manually. Sounds pretty easy. But did you know that the cheapest manual binding machine costs around $1800? That sounds a bit expensive for a machine that just keeps the pages together. It is also not convenient if you do not plan to print hundreds and hundreds of books and will require a lot of time to pay for itself.

I wasn't satisfied with these options. After all, I thought, a book is technically a simple thing. It is just a bunch of pages kept together by some glue and with a piece of light cardboard wrapped around for the cover. The real value is in the content! So why do people keep paying so much for something so simple?  

I mean, hundreds and hundreds of dollars for such a simple procedure just because it's done automatically by a machine?

Well because, I thought, it may be extremely simple, but you need to know how to handle everything!

Books must conform to precise measurements, and some technical and non-technical rules must be respected in order to achieve a professional result. That's why professional machines are so expensive. Not because the procedure itself is difficult - but because of the extreme precision it requires.

So I asked myself.. how can I devise something that could lead to the same results but at a fraction of the price?

After hundreds of hours spent on the net and at my desk, pages and pages of notes, I came to a conclusion.

(I strongly suggest you to check the FAQs page - it will clarify any question you may have and more!)

"As You Said, The Possibilities Are Really Virtually Endless...! "

I love your book. It is extremely clear and easy to understand. And as you said, the possibilities are really virtually endless! I used to buy the famous "Moleskine" pocket notebooks (used by Hemingway and Van Gogh). They are cool but very expensive ($10 each!). When I received your book I had a great idea! I bound a new block of 96 blank pages using your method (total time 1 minute I think), then I carefully removed the cover from one of my old moleskines and created a new one in minutes for a couple of cents of paper! I always refilled my ink cartridges - now I also refill my notebooks! This is way too cool - I already saved over $100. You may want to add this tip in future editions of your book. Thanks a lot!"

 Darren Munsterman


There Is An Undiscovered HIDDEN Truth..
Some Companies And Publishers Would Want To
KILL ME, If I Revealed This To You!

...the truth is that...

Digital publishing is actually an EASY process that ANYONE can do at home!

Yes! Yo do NOT need to be a Rocket Scientist or go crazy over measurements, messy rooms and tons of wasted time and paper..

(.....if you know how, of course!)

You do not need to be a publisher or have access to extremely costly equipment!
You don't need a $2000 binding machine!
You will not need to handle hot glue or anything electrical/hot at all.

Actually, you already have at least half of the necessary equipment.
How do I know that? Well..

...you are using it to read this website!

I am not kidding. Your computer and a printer is all you need. 

Anything with a straight edge can be turned into a book. Thousands of people are doing this RIGHT NOW following my simple, step by step instructions (me included by the way). Is that simple!

And we are not talking about a cheap “staple” binding, or a book which will tear apart and destroy itself after a couple of days.
We are talking about a 5 ½ x 8 ½ Trade Paperback book which will be absolutely indistinguishable from a “real” bookstore-bought book, with laminated cover or, if you wish, hardcover!

Today's inexpensive computers and printers allow anyone to publish his/her own
Trade Paperback books at home, in just minutes, enjoying the same quality of the commercial books – if not better!*  

In less than 3 minutes from right now you could easily be creating spectacular looking books and distributing them for glory or profit (or both!)

* (no kidding and no hype here! Have you ever bought a cheap bookstore book which fell apart after a couple of months? Of course this doesn't happen to you  if you follow my instructions! ) 

The Result : A Real, Bookstore-quality Book!

Want Proof? Click HERE to see some photos!

I sold my self-published books on Amazon.com and in bookstores and I am currently in the process of closing a publishing contract, so I know by practical, direct experience that this is true!

But do not take my word for it. Check out my unsolicited testimonials!

All you need is a computer, a printer , some commonly found tools and my eBook.

Don't get fooled by my imitators!

EasyBookbinding.com is the real deal!

What I offer is a professional, costantly updated (latest version: March 2011!) eBook jam-packed with the latest information to self publish your own books at home easily and for cents.

And no, the eBook itself is not a cheap PDF printed right out from  notepad with difficult-to-read, badly formatted paragraphs and cheap wobbly sketches made with MS Paint either!

I personally spent hours (yes, I don't "outsource" my writing as most do... that would  be paradoxical at best!), using the same tools you will use, to give you something nothing short from professional.

Some screenshots..

 I will also show you how to create stunning hardcovers!
(No Sewing Required!)

But of course there's much more...

Read On To Discover The Amazing Secrets..


Before we go any further, go ahead and sign up for the
FREE email mini course! 

"Secrets Revealed! Free Software To Create Your Book and Maximize Your Creativity.. and more!" 

It will show you how you can find free software (Windows, Macintosh or Linux - it doesn't matter) to start writing and designing your book RIGHT NOW - again, for FREE

Plus I will also show you how to create an  amazing "Disposable" PDA*
A nice foldable and disposable pocket notebook/personal organizer made with just a single Letter size/A4 sheet*! Includes templates and full instructions!

*The sheet can be also be already printed on one side - do you have piles of wasted paper containing failed print jobs? Don't trash them yet! Think about the savings and yes, I am sharing this with your for FREE!

Very Clever Indeed!"

"Nathan, dropping a couple of lines just to say how much I liked the paper PDA :) genius!! Yesterday I had a bunch of failed print jobs. I usually keep the sheets and use them to jot notes before trashing them away.. then I remembered about your latest newsletter and thought.. well, let's try! Very clever indeed!"

Thomas Dupuois
Las Vegas


(You can unsubscribe anytime and your email address will not be disclosed in any way to third parties.
I hate spammers as much as you do!)

Discover how you can right now, start writing and creating your own book without spending
a dime in publishing or graphic software! If you really think that you need to spend a fortune in publishing, word processing and graphics editing programs this course will open your
eyes and literally save you hundreds of dollars!

And we
are not talking about “compromises”, the programs I am talking about are fully-featured! And you can apply the information to any field you want - you do not need to be even interested in bookmaking to download and use them! 

But there's more!

  • How you can use some 100% FREE software to DOUBLE your creativity - naturally and effortlessly!
  • How to get images and fonts to "spice up" your book.. for FREE!
  •  How to keep track of your ideas and inspirations before they fade away forever!
  •  How to previsualize correctly your book on screen without printing!
  •  ...and much more!

The mini course will soon be made into an eBook and it will be sold separately very soon for $29. You can have it for free for a LIMITED TIME!

You will receive the first one instantly for free.

(I currently charge from $100 to even $500 PER HOUR for my advice - you will receive it for FREE as sign of appreciation for your kind interest.. untile I come to my senses!)

 You can unsubscribe at anytime and I will not disclose, sell or diffuse your details (I hate spam as much as you do) - but I don't think you'd want to because of reader comments like these:

"Your Tips Are Great!"

"I found your website while I was searching the web. I almost immediately subscribed to your newsletter and I must say that I am impressed at least. Your tips are great! I have almost 10 years of experience in the field but thanks to you I actually discovered things I didn't know they ever existed!"

Thomas Dupuois
Las Vegas

How A Young Author Went From Total Frustation To Being Published Literally OVERNIGHT!

You know, I think that I will literally never forget the day I received a letter from John, a young and (now published) writer who literally changed his life thanks to my book.

All the letters I receive regularly always contains glowing testimonials and praises for my work. It's always a pleasure, sure. But this letter was definitely different. It was written seriously with the heart after a brief exchange of emails and I want to share it with you (he gave me his permission, of course).

The story of John is a pretty common one among young authors. He had a manuscript he desperately wanted to see published which he literally sent around the country and the world without luck.

However he knew he had something valuable in his hands but as we know the rules of the market are far from being fair and sometimes seems that your chances of getting published are near zero, even if you are talented.

Five days after receiving the Easy Bookbinding Course Package he sent me a letter which was already glowing to say the least. After another couple of days, he sent me a 5 pages letter (he's a writer after all!) telling me about the look of astonishment of his friends and parents when he became a published author literally overnight!

Here are some extracts from the letter I received from John. (Published with permission)

"Your Book Is A Revolution"

"Dear Nathan,

I just wanted to drop a couple of lines to tell you how your book literally changed my life. I usually do not send testimonials, but I think you deserve this."

"As I told you, I was desperate. I couldn't afford self publishing. You can't imagine how many times I sent my manuscripts around without luck. I was sure about the quality of my work, but that was not enough. They gave me a lot of different reasons, but I think that probably they considered me simply too young. Seems that you need to be a published author to become...a published author. Sounds like a Catch-22 but that is."

"While I was searching the web for self-publishing resources, I found your ad on Google. I gave a look, and to be sincere I was skeptical. Very skeptical. I've been burned many times on the web with e-books that promise you the moon and at the end you get nothing."

"However, your website was professionally done and full of practical explanations about what to expect. It didn't seem a scam to me. Most sites don't even have a FAQs page. So I thought.. why not? There was a guarantee and the price was affordable. So I decided to try it"

"Well, it turned out to be the best decision ever. I devoured the book. At the end, I was like.. "...this will work. definitely.". I followed the instructions, and within hours (I had to buy some cover stock and a couple of tools I didn't have at home) I had 30 copies of my book ready!"

"[...]I followed your kind advice. A friend of mine (a graphic designer and general computer wizard) kindly designed my cover for free (not that your explanations were not good, but I draw like a 4 years old). In the meantime, I became very efficent with the entire process and with all this stuff in my hands, I was ready for production."

"I used the Amazon Advantage program to sell my books. After some days, the first review. I was excited like a kid. The review itself was positive (for me that was the first sincere and unsolicited review coming from a total stranger) and the best part is that there was no mention about the binding. I'm assuming It was so professionally done (I did it! :-)) that he looked exactly like a machine-produced book."

"[...]Now I am a published author. And I am in heaven. I can hear the arps! I did a bit of marketing and my book is already appearing in some bookstores. I am going to open a website and I am pretty sure that with the credibility I am gaining right now I will be able to close a regular publishing contract soon. Not that I desperately need it now. The bigger obstacle is now gone."

"So that's my story. I am realizing just now that I wrote a novel and not a letter.. but that's how I feel. I seriously think that your book is a revolution. You literally filled a gap. With all the DIY books around about almost everything, I always wondered why nobody never came up with something like this."

"So I want to thank you for sharing this for such a low price. You could easily sell this at triple the price you are asking and still being considered a benefactor if you ask me."

"Thank you again!"

John C.
(e-mail address partially deleted on request)

However what does make my ebook and my techniques different? How it is possible to achieve such results at home? Well, the secret is..

You will build your OWN manual Easy Bookbinding Machine for less than $20!

Yes! Such results and in such a short time (binding time for each book is no more than one minute) are easily attainable with your own Bookbinding machine. 1-2-3.. your book is ready.

In case you are wondering, no. you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do that. The process is so simple that even a kid would be able to do it. There are no moving parts, complex mechanical parts or electronic parts. If you can play with Meccano (or Legos) you can do it. :-)

Just a step-by-step method, easy to do, easy to follow and HIGHLY rewarding in every sense!

(And by the way, I will also show you how to bind your books without the Easy Bookbinding Machine... just for all the "lazybones" out there!) (kidding!)

(I again strongly suggest you to check the FAQs page - it will clarify any question you may have and more!)

Do you know that a Bookbinding machine which gives the same exact results of my Easy Bookbinding Machine currently has a market price of over $1800? I am not kidding, I can’t post here the model and the brand of the binder for obvious reasons (they would sue me!) but you can find it easily by yourself doing some research.

(Oh, and do you know that if you want to create hardcovers you will need to buy another $1000 machine from them? That’s CRAZY! Hardcovers are just an easy extra step.)

"The Results Are Amazing!"

“At office we use a [brand removed] binder to bind our documents. Since I am an aspiring writer I was considering buying one too to bind my books and send them around but I “retreated” when I saw the price – more than $2000. (more or less the same price a "digital publisher" asked me, by the way.). I searched with Google for an alternative and I found your website. For that price, I thought, it was well worth a try.

"Well, I am amazed by the results. I showed to my colleagues a copy of my book and they said “wow, you are finally getting published!”.. amazing"

Cynthia Studer

The Easy Bookbinding Machine© will keep your pages nicely squared, with the cover tightly positioned in the right place and will make the process of binding your book literally a snap. You will have your book ready in a minute!

The eBook is not only about binding however. It takes your from the A to the Z of all the printing process, from the software you should use (and HOW to use it), to the right kind of paper, the right glue, how to choose and setup your printer, how to trim the pages, how to setup your book for printing and so on. Everything written in a concise, friendly and casual style. No strange jargon, no confusion.

All the measurements are written using both USA and International (ISO) measurement systems, too! No need to convert inches in centimeters or vice versa; I did all the work for you.

Using inches? You have the measurements in inches. Using centimeters? I also give you the measurements in centimeters. It really doesn't matter where you are located in the world!

I know what you are thinking now. "Nathan, all right.. I believe that you can bind a book at home.. but what about the cover? The books sold at bookstores are all nice and glossy, I bet that the catch is that I have to spend hundreds on laminating equipment!"

WRONG! I will also show you how you can laminate you cover without using any kind of laminating equipment! No laminators, no pouches, no rolls, nada! And all this under 10 seconds and with the same - or  better -results!

Of course I am also teaching you how to handle laminators, if for some reason you still want to use one or already have one, but I bet that once you get to know my secret method you will leave it collecting the dust!

At Last Everything You Need To Produce Your Own Books Is Here! Plus, I show you How To Setup Your Book From A to Z...PLUS I'll Be Showing You How To Avoid The Most Common Errors And Pitfalls! All The Trial And Error Was Already Done By Me For You! Just Follow My Step By Step Instructions And Create Your Book Now - For Fun Or For Profit!

"My Portfolio Never Looked So Great!"

"I am a freelance graphic designer and photographer. I used to show my portfolio using the usual ring binder, because I needed something easy to update since I often come up with new drawings, designs, photos and not everyone has internet access to see an online or emailed portfolio."

"Now I bind my portfolios by hand. They have a great impact and I can easily print even one copy without spending hundreds. And when I say that I bound that myself, I increase the chances to be hired!"

                                                       Vincent Crowson

I swear, the results you will obtain with my bookbinding machine and my step-by-step instructions will be absolutely amazing. And if you want to add that little “touch” to your book.. well, take a look to the bonuses for a surprise!

So why you should choose to print your work by yourself?

Digital Publishing Easy Bookbinding Publishing

Setup costs range from $100 to even $500 and more.

No setup costs at all. Once you have your equipment ready, you can create hundreds of books.
Long communications with the publisher to discuss your requirements before the printing process can begin. Printing and binding process can begin as soon as you are ready. You already know what you want.
Most of the time a minimum amount of prepaid copies of the book is required, usually 50 or more. You can print and bind as much as you want - single copy or hundreds of copies.
You must format your book in a precise way to comply with a professional equipment - or pay them an extra to do that for you. You use your own already-known equipment from the beginning, there is no need to comply with any external requirement or learn new programs.
If you have special needs like a custom cut for some pages you have to pay for it, and often it is not even possible. You can have all the special needs you want : you control the process.
Color pages are charged separately and usually costs much. You can print as many color pages as you want (if you want) and you are in control of the costs.
Cost per copy is around $4. Rarely you will get a profit by reselling. Cost per copy is usually under $0.50 (depends on the materials you will use, but that's the average.)
A hardcover option usually is not offered as it is considered inconvenient. If it is offered, the cost is always extremely high, even $15 per copy (!). You can create a hardcover for your book for less than one dollar. Just an easy optional step!

I am a freelance author. I bind my own books and I sell them directly through my own company. Especially if you are a writer, you simply cannot afford not to get this package. It contains years and years of trial and error and research, and frankly I am quite proud of what I created. Save yourself years of trial and error and do directly what works!

Perhaps you are thinking.. hey, I am not a writer. I don't write books - either fiction or non-fiction - so how can I use this information?

Well, you can take ENORMOUS advantage from my eBook even without being a “writer” and without the sole purpose of printing and selling a book. If you think for a minute, you realize that actually the "book technology" , so to speak, is used for almost everything and literary works are actually a fraction of the possible uses! The possibilities are endless!

If you are a photographer you can bind your own photo albums or build great portfolios for your clients;

If you are a comic book artist you can bind your own comics and sell them trough your website or comic stores;

If you are an eBook user (who isn't today?) you can purchase your books online and print them yourself for easier reading;

If you are a student you can bind your notes or your dissertation;

If you are a cook you can bind your recipes (or make a recipe book!)

If you are a parent prepare yourself to spend the most entertaining and fulfilling experience with your children! When I was a kid, I wished I had something like this to bind my own books (Yes, I was already thinking about this stuff :))

.....and I could go on indefinitely. Almost everyone can benefit from this package!

You know, I started writing this eBook just for my reference. My only goal was to be able to create my books by myself. Nothing more. I had no plans about making it available to the public. When I reached my goal one of my best friends told me that since there are a lot of people like me around it would have been a great idea to share my discoveries and my inventions with other people since it has so many uses anyway (he is using it and he is not a "writer"!).

Well, he was totally right. I started to spread around the word and I got an amazing response - and that was only the beginning!

At time, my book was still at draft stage. In the meantime I discovered so many new things and optimized the process so much that I was finally able to create an easy, step-by-step success plan that everyone can follow.

In My Course You Will Learn....

Checkmark The correct way to measure your pages - no more confusion!
Checkmark The truth about expensive word processing applications...
Checkmark ..and where to find software with the same functions for FREE (You will save at least $200 with this!)
Checkmark What the laser and inkjet printers manufacturers never told you..
Checkmark ...and when to choose one instead of the other (or both)
Checkmark How to correctly subdvide your printing budget;
Checkmark How to correctly deal with page orientation - with pictures!
Checkmark How to correctly setup the orientation of your pages for printing in book format...
Checkmark ....and how to totally avoid this step (print right away and forget!)
Checkmark How to cut your pages correctly
Checkmark How to select your cutting equipments and select the best deals! (Hint: Do NOT invest in a cutter until you have read this!)
Checkmark The best method to fold your pages (and avoid cutting, if you wish!)
Checkmark The two best kinds of cover stocks. Stick with these and enjoy the feel of a real, professional color cover!
Checkmark The only thing you need to know about printing resolution that will save you not only money - but time!
Checkmark What is the caliper and how it can make the difference in your cover! 
Checkmark The only advice you will ever need to avoid causing a mess with your color cover prints! (This can save precious hours of your life!)
Checkmark A foolproof method to correctly measure and cut your cover stock.
Checkmark How to design your cover using a 100% free professional Desktop Publishing software - this one will save you another $300 in software costs (and lot of hassle!)...
Checkmark ...and how to use my ready-made cover templates (US/ISO sizes) to immediately apply the information!
Checkmark An alternative to Desktop Publishing using another, 100% free graphics editor..
Checkmark ..or using another, 100% free word processing software!
Checkmark The 5-seconds-method to correctly measure your spine width (do it once and never have a misaligned cover again!)
Checkmark Everything you always wanted to know about laminators and laminating equiment!
Checkmark The secret, undisclosed method to laminate your cover with a nice glossy end results WITHOUT laminators, laminating roll/pouches UNDER 10 SECONDS! This one will blow you away - and not only because it will save you at least $100 in equipment and $0.20 per cover!
Checkmark Why not all glues are created equal..
Checkmark ...and why sometimes a fast setting glue may NOT be a good choice.
Checkmark A simple, fast and cheap method to bind your book using ONLY cheap tools that you probably have at home without building anything!
Checkmark How to create your own Bookbinding equipment spending at most $20 in materials with the same end results of the "big brothers" (...and faster!).
Checkmark The undisclosed method that will give your book a binding so strong that it will resist almost anything! (Hint: Used by major publishers!)
Checkmark Another undisclosed method that will make your book virtually indestructible! And yes, this one is used by major publishers as well too!
Checkmark NEW! The newly developed L.I.W. workflow will make inserting color pages five times easier and for a ridiculous cost per page (the cost of the ink)! If you consider how much digital publishers charge for color pages (even $0.60 per page!) this information  is pure gold!
Checkmark NEW! Printers Secrets Revealed Bonus Book  - How to correctly choose a printer, which kind of printer you should ABSOLUTELY AVOID (unless you want to make your prints horrible!) and some "refill" myths revealed! A great money saver information!
Checkmark NEW!  ISBN facts! Wondering what an ISBN is and if you should obtain one? 
Checkmark NEW! The best ways to convert your ISBN number to a bookstore-readable bar code!
Checkmark NEW! Why you should (or shouldn't) copyright your book, and how!
Checkmark NEW! How to create your very own website to promote and sell your book! (includes tips about how to select the correct hosting service avoiding the scammers and how to have your very own top-level domain name for free!)
Checkmark Personal, unlimited support for life! The book is written in a deceptively simple manner so I doubt you will never really need support, but in case you need some clarification... just drop me an email and I'll be there!
Checkmark  Much more!


"Now I Understand How You Can Give Such A Guarantee.."

“Hello Nathan..

I received the course 10 days ago. As you asked in the last page, I am writing just to let you know how pleased I am with it. That's why I really like internet.. you can find a lot of useful practical information from people like you even if they are on the other side of the globe! Your course is nothing short of excellent. I like the general sense of humor (I saw courses that make you go yawn at every page..), the idea of showing various angles in the pictures is great and the best thing is that this stuff actually produce results (=books)! Now I understand how you can give such a guarantee..."


                                                                                  Stephane R.


I know that you probably have a lot of questions to ask.

Knowing that it is possible to bind, at home, at your convenience, book of ANY size, of ANY format, in color or black and white, with laminated covers, hardcovers, or "special pages" is... well, I know it is too much to believe. Especially if you consider the tremendous amount of money and work usually associated with publishing.

I mean, you can accomplish a lot of things. You can print your novels, your comics, web pages, notes. Photo books can be created easily. You can start your own small publishing company. You can create your own notebooks and I will show you also how to "refill" your notebook! And much much more..  since anything with a straight edge can be turned into a book - with the right tools - the only limit is your own fantasy and creativity!

Feel free to check the FAQs page. I noticed that 90% of the questions people send me everyday are similar. So chances are that your questions can be answered right away! In case not, don't worry : I am always available for any question you may have. Please see the contact page.

When I first launched this eBook, I already invested at least $5,000 in marketing consulting, testing and so on. I also invested money in research, trial-and-error and materials.

At first, I wanted to charge $149 for the eBook and believe me, I would have done it without remorse because it is totally worth it ($149 often is not even a third of the setup costs of a digital publisher!). I decided to cut the price a bit anyway, so that more people could afford it, and offer the package for a mere $98.

However, considering that the Easy Bookbinding Course Package is a "digital only" product so I do not have inventory or shipping costs, I can easily handle customers personally and I want to help more people as possible, I decided to slice the final price a bit more, just for a limited time. So your investment for the entire package is an one-time investment of $49.

I think I should not say more about the price - while $149 was already convenient, $49 is literally a STEAL - you spend more dining out once!

But you must act NOW as the price will revert back to $98 in few days and after that it will only go up even more!

This eBook can transform your writing career in a way you cannot even imagine, and change the way you sort, store and manage your information easier. It saves you space, time and money. But do not take my word for it, read what one of my clients has to say :

"I Am Saving At Least 70% In Printing Costs"

"I am not a "writer" but I read a lot of eBooks. I regularly buy at least one book a week. The problem with eBooks is that they are difficult to read on the screen. My eyes were burning after a while, even with my LCD. But the most annoying thing is to be forced to sit in front of your computer just to read. I tried to print eBooks the usual way but it is definitely impractical. Pages all scattered around, a lot of space taken in the desk and I surely don't want to waste an entire ream of sheets every time I want to print a 200/300 pages book."

"Your book was a life- and time- saver. I am saving at least 70% in printing costs and at least 90% in space. It is more practical because I can take the books anywhere (try to do that with a 300 Letter sized block of pages). Not to mention the enormous aesthetical gain - a bound book surely looks better in the desk and in the library."

"Nice work. The possibilities are endless."

Nelson Teasdale

However, I cannot promise to keep this price forever. Actually it is the contrary - I am sure that this price will go up to at least $98 soon.

So if you want to lock in your copy of the Easy Bookbinding Course Package at this low price, you must grab your copy now!

Oh, and did I mention that I offer you my..

60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee?

I could tell you that you can create your book at home with professional results, obtaining an indistinguishable-from-bookstore-books result, and being even able to sell it to the public. That alone would suffice. But I know that you may still have some doubts.

So that's why I am giving you the following guarantee :

60 Days Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee!


I personally guarantee that when you grab your Easy Bookbinding Course Package today..

If using the information and the techniques contained in the book you will not be able to create at home and easily your books and if you will not achieve a 100% professional result obtaining a book indistinguishable from a store bought one..

Simply drop me an email within 60 days from your purchase and I will return you your investment.

No questions asked.

Fair Enough? :-)

Sincerely Yours,
Nathan DeStephano


Ok, that said...the truth is you NEVER have to worry about a refund. :-)

Why? Because once you actually put these techniques and methods to use, I'm confident you're going to hardly believe your eyes when you will see the results. And the nice thing is that we haven't even started yet...

Extra Bonuses!

When you get the Easy Bookbinding Course Package you not only gain the enormous advantage to have in your hands the most advanced book about self-publishing around. Your benefits start even before reading the very first page of your book, because you are getting instant download access to 4 extra bonuses which are worth more than 3 times their price!

Bonus #1

Hardcovers Made Easy - $29.95 FREE (for a limited time)



Have you ever noticed the feeling of preciousness and respect that a hardcover book always gives to you, regardless of its content? Paperbacks are surely nice, but when it comes to image and elegance nothing beats a hardcover edition!

Yes! You do not need to invest thousands or be a bestseller author to enjoy right now a hardcover edition of your book!

The truth is that creating professional looking hardcovers at home is not only easy - it is also fun and affordable! From making your book simply more resistant to creating a luxury/limited edition of your book (imagine the look of astonishment of your friends and relatives when you will show them your hardcover! They won't believe you did it by yourself!) the possibilities are literally endless.

The entire process is explained in a step-by-step fashion, with 3D pictures and ready-made templates in both metric and US measurements. No "special" tools or materials are needed!

This eBook will be sold separately at $29.95 very soon as companion of the main book. You get it for FREE for a limited time with your Easy Bookbinding Course Package!


Bonus #2

Printers Secrets Revealed:
What manufacturers never told you!*
(*And never will!)
$49.95 FREE (for a limited time)




With hundreds of printers out there in the market, different technologies and technical terms it is easy to get confused and possibly make the wrong choice - before buying or even after. (Wrong maintenance can kill a perfectly good printer in a nanosecond). 

Well, not anymore! In this detailed, no-nonsense guide I packed years and years of personal experience about the topic, I made all the trial-and-error for you and described in detail the pitfalls you should avoid. The information includes:

  • Printing technology in-depth (Do you think that knowing how your printer works isn't important? Thing again! Knowledge is power, and this is not an exception!)
  • The DPI Myth (Printer manufacturers make enormous hype around the "printing resolution" .. well, let put it this way: if you really think that your printer is REALLY printing at 5000+ DPI you better read this now)
  • Refilling 101 (A straighforward explanation about what refilling is, how to do it and what to avoid like the plague! Absolutely make sure to read this chapter before refilling your printer!)
  • And more!

This eBook could easily be sold separately (and soon will be) for at least $49. You are getting it for FREE with your investment in Easy BookBinding.. but only for a LIMITED time! Act now before I change my mind!


Bonus #3

Tutorial videos
$39 - FREE! for a limited time)




I must be out of my mind, because for a limited time I am including as a bonus, at no cost for you whatsoever a series of professionally-made, easy to follown  3D tutorial videos!

I understand that some people prefer to actually see how to do things, and not just to read about them!

Let's discover the correct process to create your cover explained in a step by step, easy to follow fashion using three different FREE programs!

I will also show you, step by step, how to build your very own Easy Bookbinding Machine so that even the slightest doubt in your mind disappears right away!

The tutorials are interactive! The action will paused automatically after every key action so that you can follow at your pace!

And no need to worry about codecs, video players or other technicalities; the videos are in Adobe Flash format - so as long as you have a fairly recent browser and the Adobe Flash plugin (already installed in 90% of computers) you are all set!

A $39 value!

Bonus #4

The Freelance Writer's Marketing Plan



An intensive, self-guided workbook to help you jump-start your freelance career! With recent changes in the job market, more self-employed writers are competing for freelance and contract jobs.

With many magazines folding and websites closing, many writers have found it necessary to venture out of their area of expertise and seek out new clients. Other freelance writers that are just get starting may have no idea how to target markets or find clients that fit with their skill set.

This workbook written by is designed to give your "marketing department" a jump-start!

A nice $10 value!

Create Your Book - Right Now!

Now that I've shown you that there is absolutely no-risk in grabbing your copy of the Easy Bookbinding Course Package today and start creating your book right now, the next step is up to you.

Since you've read this far, you know that you are extremely interested in creating your book today. You also know that this is the most easy and affordable to do it in the comfort of your own home.

You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this very limited, risk-free offer right now before it's too late, as my technicians want to be paid to keep this website running!

So I will be removing some of the bonuses and increasing the price of the Easy Book Package package very soon before totally stopping distributing it someday.

All major credit cards and mail orders are accepted.
Yes, PayPal is accepted as well! (through ClickBank)

I use ClickBank for my transactions - your data is securely handled and encrypted and nobody (not even me) will have access to it. Not even I can access your financial information! You are 100% safe in every way possible.

Don't delay any further. If you don't get this information now, you may hate yourself later, because once it's gone, it's gone. 

This eBook is only available on this web-site, you won't find it in bookstores or anywhere else. This was the very first course of its kind on the net when it appeared in 2004 for the first time - many copycats emerged since, but guess what.. nothing still compares!

Remember you'll get INSTANT access to the Easy Bookbinding Course package as it comes in digital downloadable eBook format. Yes, that means that you can be enjoying the course withing three minutes from now - plus, there are no shipping or handling fees

We have support staff waiting and standing by to help you with your download in case you have any computer questions or haven't downloaded an eBook before. Of course I am also available personally for any questions you may have regarding the products - before of after purchase. You are never left alone!

Grab your copy today, you won't regret it.


I just want to stress the fact that you are not going to find this information everywhere else. My eBook it is totally exclusive, it does not contain already-known information and it is full of practical, simple information with no useless "fillers". It's up with current technology, with fresh information - latest revision was made on January 2008! It's not something you can find explained anywhere even if you spend an entire week searching around with Google, simply because it's composed entirely by first-hand, practical information - yes, I do apply myself what I explain, and everytime I discover something new that's disclosed to my clients as well!

Everything is explained in a simple, straightforward manner and in step by step format (1-2-3). I also included professionally done 3D CAD pictures, screenshots and photos to be 100% sure that you will succeed no matter what.

By the way, as of writing this letter I just realized that I already reached my goal with this website so I plan to stop making this information available to the public very soon. I just don't have time to keep up with my current schedule.

Don't wait any longer, grab your copy today.


One more thing, even if you decide to cancel your order, even if it's the LAST day of my guarantee, all the bonuses are yours FREE to keep. I'm confident enough in my work to take that loss if that were ever the case!

Look at it as my way of saying "thanks!". So don't wait any longer, click the link below to get your copy risk-free for a full 60 Days...


Doesn't matter if it is 2.37 AM in the morning - I have automated delivery of everything - so that whatever time zone you are in, you can download it and be playing with it 30 seconds from now!

Yes! Please Give Me "Easy Bookbinding Package" Risk-Free
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Nathan, I'm ready to produce my books at home with your Step-By-Step Guaranteed Method. I understand that getting a copy of the Easy Bookbinding Package right now is the fastest way to do it.

I understand that I get instant access to the Easy Bookbinding Course Package (Book + FREE Bonuses) in PDF eBook format and I will be able to start applying the techniques in real life immediately.

I understand that since the Easy Bookbinding Course Package is delivered as a digital downloadable product there are absolutely no shipping and handling fees of any kind.

I understand that I will pay the ultra-discounted price of $49 and that this price will be raised very soon.

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Finally, I understand that my copy of Easy Bookbinding Course Package is covered by your risk-free 60 Days guarantee. If will not be able to make at home easily and cheaply my books with professional results, I can ask for a refund of my investment of $49 and that the FREE bonuses are mine free to keep.


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Don't you owe it to yourself to have your book published?

Sincerely Yours,

Nathan DeStephano

P.S. You will be so glad you can finally stop trying to get your book printed the hard and costly way. Don't spend weeks trying to "figure it out".. just like I did before!

P.P.S. Don't spend hundreds of dollars to do it either! You are just seconds away from being able to create your own book for cents!

P.P.P.S. Remember, This great price is valid for a limited time ONLY! I just don't have the time to keep up with my current schedule if I don't limit copies at this price, because they are going away like cakes! If you come back tomorrow, the price might be back to $97. Don't take the risk, Order NOW! 

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